MDB Converter


To run this program you need .Net Framework 2 to be installed. You can download it from here or here.
If you don't have Microsoft Access 2007/2010 installed on your local machine you will need to install a driver to support ACCDB files. Download it from here or here
Just extract the archive to your PC and run the setup.exe file.
Install the application.
After the installation has finished run the application from your desktop.

  • To convert a table from an mdb file, choose the source file and click "View Content".
  • In the next window choose the table you wish to convert and verify the columns - have you chosen the right table?
  • Click one of the "Convert" buttons to convert the file to TXT, CSV or an XML format.

To convert all the files in a folder :

  • Click the "Choose Folder" tab.
  • Select a source folder and a target folder
  • Click one of the "Convert" buttons to convert all ".mdb" and ".accdb" files in the folder to TXT, CSV or XML formats .

How to use MDB Converter in command line:

The format of the command is:

mdbconverter.exe [source type] [source path] [target path] [table name] [target file type] [sql filter value]

source typeYesCan be "file" of "folder".Type "file" to convert a single file or "folder" to convert a whole folder.
source pathYesThe path of the file or folder you want to convert. Make sure your source path don't end with a slash.
target pathYesThe target path of the output file/s Make sure your target path don't end with a slash.
table name Yes The name of the table you want to convert or "a" to convert all tables in the file. If you convert a folder you need to type "a".
target file type YesType of the output. Can be equal to "txt", "csv" or "xml".
sql filter valueYesYou can filter data in the table you want to export using the SQL WHERE statement filter. Type here the filter value (Example:FirstName='Jane') or "all" to export all data.

mdbconverter.exe file DB.mdb DB.csv MyTable csv FirstName="Jane"
mdbconverter.exe file DB.mdb DB\Output a csv all
mdbconverter.exe folder "DB\Source" "DB\Target" a txt all


What is the difference between the TXT and CSV formats?

TXT format is a regular text file - the text in the target file will be separated by a semicolon (";") symbol.

CSV format is a special text file - the text in the target file will be separated by a comma (",") symbol. Each value that contains special characters like inverted commas, spaces or commas will be marked by additional inverted commas.